Talise Hydroelectric Project

Project Summary: Pelena was originally engaged to undertake Stage 1, generation only. This was completed in 2014. Subsequently, Pelena was engaged to undertake State 2, transmission. As part of Stage 2, Pelena decided to connect electricity to the two boarding schools and the clinic. This was commissioned in 2018. Stage 3 involves the electrical connection to all the houses and other buildings. Funding for Stage 3 has yet to be sourced.

Country: Vanuatu

Location: Villages of Talise, Narovorovo and Nasawa, Maewo Island, Penama Province

Commissioned: Generation: 03 July 2014, Transmission: 29 July 2018

Turbine: Pelena 2-nozzle Pelton turbine with belt drive to alternator

Electrical Rating: 75kW (electrical)

Client: Vanuatu Department of Energy

Turbine Supplier: Pelena Energy

Civil Works Design: Pelena Energy

Civil Works: Pelena Energy and Talise community 

Weir: Pelena Energy and Talise community 

Hydraulic Works Design: Pelena Energy

Hydraulic Works: Pelena Energy and Talise community 

Controls: Pelena Energy

Electrical Works: Pelena Energy and Talise community


Media Reports

2018 May 2 – Cyclones and volcano hamper hydro project

2014 July 19 – Pelena Energy praised for Talise Hydro work

2014 July 19 – Power to village people