Our mission…

To partner with the stakeholders of rural areas to develop sustainable renewable energy products and integrated services.

We acknowledge…

  • We acknowledge that rural development processes are, by necessity, different to urban development processes.
  • We acknowledge that high skill levels exist in rural areas that have been developed primarily to maintain livelihoods.
  • We acknowledge energy management is a shared responsibility between women, men and children.
  • We acknowledge people in rural areas have existing and adaptable skills suited to develop and operate micro-energy systems and enterprises.
  • We acknowledge and respect the history and culture of different peoples and recognise that such respect is integral to sustainable development projects and outcomes.
  • We acknowledge the local resource owners are the key stakeholders in local development.

What we do…

  • We develop technologies, tools, and processes for the production of electricity in rural areas.
  • We work with communities to build renewable energy electrical infrastructure, particularly small hydroelectric systems and village electrical reticulation.
  • We provide training and support services to allow communities to work towards reaching their own development goals particularly in health, education, income generation, food security, lighting, and communication.

Why we do it this way…

  • Multidisciplinary skills are an inevitable reality when working with isolated rural communities. Isolation, however, presents significant challenges to governments and NGOs as the high cost of transport often results in fragmented infrastructure and service delivery, exacerbated by the challenges of nature such as earthquakes, cyclones, and other climatic events.
  • We have shown that skills in these isolated communities can be readily enhanced to allow the construction and operation of reliable hydroelectric systems, systems that deliver far more than just lighting and improved housing.
  • With local engagement from the earliest design stages through to construction and operation, communities develop a management capability which, when coupled with a 24/7 electricity supply, allows for sustainable development outcomes.

How we do it…

  • We work with local stakeholders to identify skills so that they can be utilised and enhanced to develop sustainable renewable energy systems and enterprises.
  • We maximise community engagement, by including women, men and children in all aspects of design, construction, and maintenance of energy systems.
  • We utilise proven equipment options where appropriate, and develop equipment when appropriate options are not available.
  • We support our products throughout their life no matter the location.

Our products and services…

  • Micro-hydroelectric energy packages, from feasibility to commissioning.
  • Training and support services for energy systems, particularly micro-hydro.
  • Engineering design and support services.
  • Rural enterprise establishment and support.
  • The development of coconut oil technologies for extraction and utilisation in the energy and water transport sector.